Monday, January 19, 2009

Anthony Beevor's Orwellian Hit Piece on 9/11

Link to hit piece

As Anthony Beevor says in his hit piece, the threat of totalitarianism comes from within. In fact, it comes from within the government that subverts the democratic and republican institutions of the country in concert with demagogues such as Beevor who use newspapers and television to subvert the truth and propagate their nonsense.

That “over the past dozen or so years, television and movie-makers have managed to blur the border between fact and fiction to an unprecedented degree” is to put it mildly. In fact, this has been ongoing for decades and the government-private monopoly on public influence was only broken in the past dozen or so years. The problem that Beevor and his fellow propagandists have with this is that unlike Hollywood, those newly-empowered film lack the backing and funding of DoD and military-industrial complex-owned corporations like NBC.

According to Anthony Beevor and Damian Thompson, any information that contradicts the government-backed official doctrine is 'counter-knowledge'. This would include 9/11, effectively dismissing the omission of WTC7 from the original 9/11 Commission report as a 'minor discrepancy', as if the collapse of an entire building were just a minor detail.

Beevor pins this phenomenon on the 'dramatic decline of traditional moderate forms of religion', despite the fact that Loose Change was made in the United States, a country where religion is hardly on the decline. The pseudo-psychological notion that conspiracy is a 'belief' used to fill a void is addressed as Myth #12 and others. Aside from that, his statement implies a spiritual 'need' when that same 'Wikipedia age' has led to the unprecedented propagation of atheist ideas and questioning of religion, especially Christian doctrine.

In the next paragraph, Beevor makes the remarkable claim that Russian presenters and their audience debated over a film that they accepted as 'completely true'. Far from being 'historically illiterate', if there is any people who have lived through totalitarianism, it is the Russians, which casts suspicion on the idea that they were suspending their disbelief. After all, their own former president, Vladimir Putin, was involved in an FSB false flag operation prior to his election which started the Second Chechen War.

Beevor claims that 'studies of internet sites' (without naming which sites or studies) reveal an 'unholy alliance between left-wing 9/11 conspiracy theorists, right-wing Holocaust deniers and Islamic fundamentalists'. He supports his theory by linking the 9/11 Truth Movement to 'American creationists' and 'Islamic websites'. Anyone who actually 'studies' internet sites will find out that the 9/11 Truth Movement has a broad base of support which has nothing to do with left or right, which includes hundreds of credible professionals. Examples of professional organisations supporting 9/11 truth include Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Scholars For 9/11 Truth And Justice, as well and dozens of international and local activist organisations, which can be found on

Without a hint of irony, Beevor concludes that the 9/11 Truth Movement could 'become an article of faith tomorrow', unless every citizen and historian 'fight all attempts to exploit the ignorance and gullibility of audiences'. This is exactly what the 9/11 Truth Movement is about, Mr. Beevor, and you and your fellow charlatans will be exposed. Heliocentrism was proven by Galileo after centuries of cover-ups by the Catholic Church, and like Biblical geocentrism, the official 9/11 religion will be exposed as the fraud it is.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger John Tate said...

First I would like to interrupt you with the unfortunate fact that Mr Beevor is never going to read this article.

The only thing to be "exposed" about this guy is that he is just as insane as all you conspiracy theorists all are. Anyone who thinks a movement that mostly consists of people so afraid of absolutely everything that might possibly now or one day involve the state are in an unholy alliance is insane. The notion that anyone in the conspiracy circles is anything but a bunch of completely disjointed and unrelated individuals is as insane as the conspiracies themselves. This guy is one of you!

Also, what startles me is your hostility towards art. What baffles me is that you consider it a new thing for life to imitate art as much as art imitates life. People work tiring jobs, study boring courses, and do the most mundane things and have for centuries. They all turn to their playwrights, or their televisions or Hollywood to seek an escape from that. Art inspires the masses, and influences them, and yes most surely don't draw a big line in the sand between fact and fiction. The funny thing though is that while you consider it a conspiracy against you, that people seek romantic ideals, and unmet truths in art yet to be delivered I consider it obvious to the existence of man.

It really is nothing new, these theories that people are moved, misinformed, and such by their art. How it surprises anyone confuses me because last time I checked this was obvious to most people. This has been going on for centuries and so have observations of it. Oscar Wilde wrote that as much as art imitates life, life imitates art. I'm sure others drew the exact same conclusion. Another thing I am sure of is that someone in your circle of lunatics heard of this and copied it second-hand and turned it into gospel of your religion that it is a conspiracy against the world.

There is no need for a partnership between the military and media like you propose, because the military and media are not some mystical force that can simply brainwash people at the press of a button. Quite simply, since the time man crawled out of the slime, man has been adept at brainwashing himself. Much like you have brainwashed yourself the 911 is unreal and your art like Loose Change is the reality, others have brainwashed themselves that their art is the reality and the rest of the world is unreal. It is something well known, its called escapism. Get used to it.

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Sarah Cain said...

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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Scott said...

Actually, the support for 911 Truth as a political movement is quite limited. The largest rallies occur in NYC on september 11 each year. This year, it was attended by around 120 people. I know most of them personally and the at least half are still in high school. Vietually no one is over 25and anyone involved in the politicized 911 Truth movement over 30 is probably getting money from it.

Van Jones was fired from his position in the Obama cabinet for signing a 911 petition. This hardly raised an eye, much less generating protest in his support. The impending trial of KSM for the planning of the 911 attacks will generate no protest from 911 Truth. In fact, there seems to be no discussion at all about it among their membership.

The so-called organizations of professionals that support 911 Truth are much less interesting than they first seem. AE911, for example, contains architects who believe there were no planes in the attacks or that tactical nuclear weapons were used. In fact, many of its members are not architects and who signs the petition claiming to be an architect is not at all policed. Sign it yourself and see if anyone questions how you describe yourself.

There are many other issues involved in 911 Truth. I hesitate to raise any of them. What I can say with significant personal knowledge is that the politicized 911 Truth movment is made of very young kids.

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