Saturday, December 16, 2006

Will anarchism soon become a necessity?

A post I made on Stumbleupon.

I read two disturbing articles about the implications of the evolution of surveillance technology this week:

Toronto Star


I have attempted to find ways to design a better form of constitutional, legal and economic system within the state model to address the problems of concentration of power that plague the state and corporate systems. I have found that this can be addressed by decentralising power and increasing separation of power and guaranteed civil rights. I have since encountered anarchism and found that abolishing the state altogether is an even more elegant solution.

However, I have tried to find ways within the state system to protect people's rights against the increasingly invasive technology, and I have not found any. Constitutional guarantees will not work because they will be ignored, or eroded by corporate interests and authoritarian elements by using false flag terrorism and other excuses. Forbidding or regulating technology will not work because the elites will develop it in secret and use it without public knowledge, if they haven't already. Developping other technology to counter it will not work because technology depends on resources, and the elites will always have the upper hand as long as the wealth remains concentrated.

Sooner or later, the current system is doomed to a form of totalitarianism surpassing anything ever heard of in history. It already makes little difference who is elected, because the leaders are vetted before their elections by corporate globalist elites, and they have been concentrating power and curtailing our civil liberties. But now the elites are pushing for a post-Westphalian system where all the states will be integrated into regional blocs, eventually a single one (often referred to as 'new world order'), controlled by corporations, and where democratic institutions will be but hollow shells.

Assuming the above doesn't happen, and that the elites fail in their globalist schemes it will make no difference for the people whether countries are separate and leaders are really elected or not, because in the end every aspect of life will be monitored and controlled, be it a global or a regional state.

Therefore, it is indeed true that all forms of coercion and inequality have to be eliminated, as an urgent necessity, because their effects coupled with the technology to come will be multiplied tenfold. Someone predicted that a time would come when the battle would be between anarchism and statism, and it appears that it's going to be soon.


At 9:45 PM, Blogger brad said...

Technology has been increasing since the begining of civilization.
it only becomes a problem when the government is corrupt.
I know what you are saying though,

FAKE terror
IS a REAL problem for sure !
But, if our leaders are corrupt, they will use ANY means to further their agenda.
Unfortunately, this country now has become so divided, i dont see a real solution execpt possibaly some type of civil war.
Since we are in a new age though, civil war doesnt HAVE to mean taking to the streets with weapons though.

Agreed the US will need some sort of big change, and maybe its BETTER to have it sooner than just putting it off, and suffering the wrath of the Neo-Cons longer...


9/11 review

At 9:46 PM, Blogger brad said...

by the way, found you from stumbling...

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Laukev7 said...

Hi, Brad! Just found your comment! Thanks for posting!

If you look at history, you will notice that authoritarian forms of governments did not have the same extent of control over people's lives as do modern day totalitarian regimes like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany (at least where micromanagement is concerned). What remained constant, though, is the reliance on mass indoctrination (especially religion in Ancient Egypt) to supplement the limits of brute force ("supplement" is a bit of an understatement, as actually most of the control is done by indoctrination).

Technology isn't the problem, but the increase of technological advance gives more ammunition for corrupt leaders to further their agenda. Furthermore, the ammunition allows them to gain a more potent control on increasingly many aspects of people's lives.



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