Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No exit polls for the 2006 election

The good news is that many Americans have woken up to the fraudulent elections that have taken place during and since Bush's takeover. There has been speculation that so many people would vote against the Republicans that even the Diebold machines would be unable to cover up the fraud.

Well, it looks like the neocons solved that problem.

1. There are no network/AP exit polls in House races on Election Day.

That pretty much guarantees that the election is going to be fraudulent, since there will be no way to verify the results, no matter how skewed they are.

Obviously, though, the nice people who wrote up this list don't understand the implications:

8. Every case of malfunctioning voting machines or voter fraud is a serious matter, but not every case of malfunctioning voting machines or voter fraud is part of a conspiracy directed by trial lawyers or Karl Rove.

Sure they aren't. That every voteing machine error in Florida leaned towards Bush in the 2004 election, and that all the major companies that produce the voting machines are headed by explicitly pro-Bush CEOs (need I remind you that the CEOs of Diebold and ES&S are brothers, and that one of them promised to deliver Ohio to the Republicans), and that all the ATMs made by Diebold are perfectly secure and have paper trail?

Peter King: "We'll take care of the counting"?

Nope. That's gotta be a coincidence.


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