Sunday, August 20, 2006

Are the neocons trying to set up Alex Jones?

FOX News reports Alex Jones' false flag operation prediction.

Then Alex Jones' interview with Alan Colmes.

The more I think about it, the more I find this suspicious:

  • Immediately after Alex Jones made his warning, FOX News announced it briefly, without attempting to spin it or discredit it, except to make out his statements as 'claims'.

  • Then Alan Colmes, a commentator at the SAME channel, gives airspace to Alex Jones, and gives him a relatively free pass.

So FOX News, the most blatent US propaganda channel, reports his statements TWICE, by TWO different people, without trying to discredit him, while no other network give any coverage to his statements.

Does anyone else feel that this is too good to be true?

EDIT: Here's some background, since I tend to comment following my inspiration rather than the sequence of events:

Alex Jones predicted the 9/11 attacks two months before they happened.

Alex Jones' second prediction, that there is likely to be a major false flag operation in the next few months. If only for sheer entertainment, please listen to this audio clip, it's good to hear Alex Jones angry!


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