Monday, June 19, 2006

OK, back to business.

So, now we're supposed to believe that the PNAC is shutting down.


Just like the Total Information Awareness programme that was supposedly shut down in 2003, right? Actually, it's still alive and well. Just like the 2004 Draft bill that was spectacularly defeated and magically sprung back in 2006, the School of Americas that was renamed to WHINSEC in 2001 to pretend it no longer existed, reminescent of the whole charade of Philip Morris changing its name to Altria, and McCain's farcical torture ban which was nothing more than a 'good cop' tactic from the former president of the PNAC-affiliated New Citizenship Project.

So, we sre supposed to believe that an organisation that evolved from the Israeli 'Clean Break' doctrine, whose supporters have an enormous stake in furthering an extremist agenda for Israel and have been doing so for years, would suddenly decide to shut down, right when they are currently pushing for a war in Iran?

If anyone believes that, I have some of Saddam's nukes to sell them.


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Lowly Knave said...

Dude, where can I get some of that stuff you're smoking?


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