Monday, March 13, 2006

Canada joins the ranks of the imperialists

Thanks a lot, Tories.

Canadian troops in Afghanistan are complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity because of their new aggressive role in support of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan and should be immediately pulled out of the war zone and returned to Canada or risk facing possible future criminal charges, according to a decorated Vietnam war veteran now turned Canadian peace activist.

This was the message sent directly to Canadian troops in Afghanistan Tuesday, Feb. 28, via a government website message board at the same time it was sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, all members of Parliament, and Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean, who serves as Commander-in-Chief of Canadian forces. It came from military veteran John McNamer, 58, of Kamloops, British Columbia. McNamer was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service with the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam and he is the author of a newly-released research brief examining the legality of Canada's role in Afghanistan.

Attached to a letter to Harper is the five-page brief with 46 footnoted references documenting "criminal actions" resulting from ongoing Coalition procedures and actions in Afghanistan. The documentation relies primarily on published news accounts from mainstream media reports over the past several years, as well as the 2005 "Report of the Independent Expert on the Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan" to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Yes, my friends, Canada's interventionist antics are no longer limited to rigging election in Haiti. As if it weren't enough for us to be covering the arses of the United States while they leave us to rot to invade yet another country, our dear new Prime Minister Harper is carving us a nice new position amongst imperialists extraordinaire United States and Britain.

When it's not to take care of the US-manufactured Taleban and Al CIAda operatives, we as good Canadians are expected to assist the wardens of dangerous 12-year old boys, whose idea of child psychology is to torture them in front of their parents to find out essential information such as the contents of the food they use on their chicken farms (Hey, you gotta stop them, maybe they're the ones spreading Bird Flu on purpose!)

But enough of my sarcasm. Just read the letter, and weep at how our supposedly peaceful Stephen Martin government is supporting the atrocities of a brutal and undemocratic regime, and how the Tories want to kiss the arse of the United States even more.


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