Monday, March 06, 2006

Britain: Europe's next dictatorship?

And you thought Belarus was the last.

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is hardly an aerodynamic title; it doesn't fly from the lips. People have difficulty remembering the order of the words and what exactly will be the effect of this apparently dull piece of lawmaking.
But in the dusty cradle of Committee A, a monster has been stirring and will, in due course, take flight to join the other measures in the government's attack on parliamentary democracy and the rights of the people. The 'reform' in the title allows ministers to make laws without the scrutiny of parliament and, in some cases, to delegate that power to unelected officials. In every word, dot and comma, it bears the imprint of New Labour's authoritarian paternity.

Yes, my British readers. Whilst your comrades are reading about the latest celebrity scandal on The Sun and reminescing about George Galloway making a complete idiot out of himself on Big Brother two months ago, your leaders are rolling back centuries of legal traditions and political progress to turn your parliament into a rubberstamp legislature with power concentrated in an executive capable of doing whatever they damn please, including trashing the English Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus and even Parliament altogether.

But don't you worry, the benevolent European Union will take care of you and replace all that archaic nonsense with a Soviet-style bureaucratic apparatus, courtesy of David Rockefeller and his Trilateral Commission cronies. Within the all-mighty European Union, you will be reenfranchised with powers to decide on important matters like the regulation of the nutritional content of food products, under the leadership of an unelected executive led by members of one of the same think tanks that made the United States the imperialist superpower supposed to be countered by the European Union.


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