Thursday, February 02, 2006

Would you tattoo a barcode on your arm?

Or how about a nice number, courtesy of Auschwitz and IBM computers?

No? Then why would you plant a microchip in your hand?

Trend whore dumbasses.

WILLIAM DONELSON'S left hand gripped the paper-covered arm of an antique barber chair at a tattoo and piercing shop in Cambridge, Ontario. His feet bounced gently on the chrome footrest as he waited for his implant.

The piercer — whose day is usually spent inserting rings into the eyebrows and navels of teenage girls — snapped on purple latex gloves and lifted a four-millimeter-wide sterilized needle to Mr. Donelson's hand.

As if it doesn't matter to the globalist peeping toms that identity cards are being rejected in the UK, here goes VeriChip peddling their new microgadgets with obvious astroturf campaigns (you know, like the guys the PR companies hire to wear fashion clothes and show them to their friends to make them 'cool'). One can already imagine how much the spammers and the insurance companies are going to love these! Not to mention the phishers who are going to make loads of profits just by pointing a scanner at you and selling the data (hey, it takes high tech to spy on you, so it must be cool, right?).

If you think planting a microchip in your body is going to protect your car from theft, guess again. If the thief with the machette wants the microchip in your hand, it's a very expensive implant you're going to need.

Seriously, is it so much to fumble with your keys or pocket change in comparison to the loss of privacy and potential misuses that being tagged like cattle entails?

And, to finish, with a quote from the article:

"I'm set," Mr. Donelson said with a deep breath. He watched as the needle pierced the fleshy webbing between his thumb and forefinger and a microchip was slid under his skin. At last he would be able to do what he had long imagined: enhance his body's powers through technology.

Yeah, I'm sure you're going to feel very powerful when the government decides to add GPS capability and other neat features to those chips to track all your movements, like they're already doing with the cars in Britain. What's next on the agenda, brain chips?

Oh, wait, they're already here.

UPDATE: Hah, how prophetic. As a reader just pointed out (thanks, I-Am-Wolfman), someone has already been able to clone the chips. What a piece of junk.


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