Friday, February 03, 2006

War in Iraq was planned in advance

Yet another memo that tells us what we had known all along.

London - United States President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were ready to go to war against Iraq with or without a second United Nations resolution, said reports on Thursday.

The allegation was based on a White House memo - which the programme said it had seen - after a meeting between the two men in Washington on January 31 2003.

In the memo Bush was alleged to have said that military action against former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein would start on March 10 2003. The war actually started 10 days later on March 20.

In other news, the sun rised yesterday morning, Mr. Chimp and Phony Bliar have still not been impeached, and now they are pushing for war in Iran, expecting people to be stupid enough to actually believe their propaganda again.

Ah, but here is an interesting twist:

During their discussion at the White House, Bush was alleged to have said that the US thought of "flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq painted in UN colours", explaining that "if Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach".

According to a high-ranking UN source cited on condition of anonymity by the reports, it was perfectly possible to fly planes out of range of Iraqi missiles.

He said: "Talks of Saddam firing on them suggest to some that the US was almost willing Saddam to strike out on the plane."

Oh, a false flag operation! Just the kind of evidence we need after Operation Northwoods was planned to attack Cuba, Operation Gladio in Italy, and the Tonkin Bay hoax that led to the war in Vietnam, not to mention the Nazis attacking their own radio stations, to convince people that the US government will lie to go to war, and attack themselves and even kill their own people to manufacture a pretext.

But this can all be excused by the war on terror, right? The US government would never have carried out the 9/11 attacks against their own people to justify a perpetual war, right?

Or would they?


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