Monday, February 06, 2006

Support the Freemasons' CHIP program

Yes, you read that right.

Contrarily to what were probably your first impressions, this is not a global identification scheme. It is a program to help find abducted children which does not involve RFID implants, and allows the parents to keep the DNA samples and the fingerprints, which are only given to the authorities in case of emergency and with their consent, while the foundation only collects a permission slip. Finally, biometrics that respect privacy and parental authority!

The name almost sounds like it was deliberately chosen to directly compete with VeriChip's child 'protection' scheme. Who knows, maybe the Freemasons are rebelling against the New World Order?

UPDATE: a reader of my other blog expressed her disagreement with my viewpoint (Thanks, The-Lone-Yoni). I have to agree because ideally, there should be no identification programme at all in a time when governments become authoritarian. I can imagine a scenario where the government could seize the permission slips and collect the data at every house. There is also the problem that this could start a slippery slope towards the intended agenda.

The reason why I wrote this was because I found an article that claimed that the Freemasons were promoting implant RFID chips for children in an ostensible attempt to trace them back in case of abduction. However, upon looking at the websites, I found nothing to indicate the CHIP program had anything to do with RFID chips, despite its somewhat misleading name. And upon seeing their emphasis on preserving privacy, I thought I would break the anti-Masonic tradition by showing them in a positive light.

Nevertheless, this cannot necessarily be construed as a global identification programme unless anyone can provide me further information that would indicate so.


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