Thursday, January 19, 2006

FEMA concentration camps in the USA?

Those reports may have been around on the internet for a long time, but in light of the scandals surrounding the secret CIA prisons established in Eastern Europe, their validity are worth reexamining, however disturbing their implications may be.

Many people have felt my reports of the probable use of concentration camps are ludicrous. These are charges I not have made in haste or frivolously. I have seen quite a few of these facilities and have been sent photos and locations of many others. I have warned of these camps for TEN YEARS!

Congressman Henry Gonzales a democrat from my home state of Texas revealed many years ago in an interview, which I have a copy of on video, plans of Rex 84 which former colonel Ollie North helped design. The late Representative Jack Brooks also of Texas brought this concentration camp and internment program as well as the Continuity of Government Program to light during the Iran Contra hearing. The chairman refused to let North even talk about them in open hearings under "National Security." Mr. Gonzales stated these camps and plans were for the detention of AMERICANS, especially those who refused to surrender their weapons.

If FEMA being used for political repression sounds far-fetched, it is worth noting that in East Germany, the same police division (called the Bereitschaftspolizei) that was used to manage floods and big car accidents was also used to break up anti-communist demonstrations.

Not too long ago, the notion that millions of American citizens would be wiretapped would have been dismissed as ludicrous. Bush openly admitted that he would use the military to quarantine victims of the Bird Flu in case of an epidemic. The Katrina debacle was a preview of how the Bush government manages crises, and it included use of private militia and gun confiscation. In short, the government has been engaging in repressive activities in blatent disregard of the US constitution.

Sianews reports that those concentration camps were set up as part of a programme called Rex 84, which was purpoted to deal with an eventual mass exodus of illegal Mexican immigrants. It is likely, however, that those camps will be used as Guantanamo-style prison in the event that the Bush regime sets up martial law, as Tommy Frank suggested would be the response to a post-9/11 crisis. Sianews notes that the mechanisms to set up martial law have already been established 30 years ago in a series of executive orders.

In addition, a letter from Congress in response from a citizen's request for information admitted the existence of a military programme concerning the establishment of civilian labour camps:

Will the American people once again give their government the benefit of doubt? Or will an end be brought to media-manufactured labels like 'conspiracy theory', and freedom of thought be restored?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

UK MPs to be wiretapped

This gives a whole new meaning to party discipline...

Obviously, the intent is more to keep the MPs in line with the state than to hunt terrorists. This tactic would find its place in Egypt, where Mubarak controls the secret services and terrorises all his political opponents.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The New American Flag...

...or the flag of the PNAC's New World Order?

They might as well cover the whole flag with stars, but eventually there won't be any blue space or stripes left. Just a big white flag, which they're going to have to raise once their empire gets too stretched out!

Made by Tookietoo. Brilliant idea!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pentagon to families: Go ahead, laugh

No, this is not from The Onion.

When the stress of the war in Iraq becomes too severe, the Pentagon has a suggestion for military families: Learn how to laugh.

With help from the Pentagon's chief laughter instructor, families of National Guard members are learning to walk like a penguin, laugh like a lion and blurt "ha, ha, hee, hee and ho, ho."

I am at loss for words.

Stephen Harper: the next neocon threat?

Why does President Bush hope Christmas comes a little late this year? Because on Jan. 23, Canada may elect the most pro-American leader in the Western world. Free-market economist Stephen Harper, leader of the opposition Conservative Party, is pro-free trade, pro-Iraq war, anti-Kyoto, and socially conservative. Move over Tony Blair: If elected, Mr. Harper will quickly become Mr. Bush's new best friend internationally and the poster boy for his ideal foreign leader.

And, imagine my surprise, Harper is another neocon:

Stephen Harper said that he would use the Notwithstanding Clause to forbid gay marriage, which was upheld as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by Supreme court, after giving a so-called 'free vote' to Parliament. The clause, which allows Parliament to pass laws that bypass certain clauses of the Charter if given a sunset of five years, has never been used at the federal level, and simply mentioning it causes political firestorms.

(BTW, I don't want to hear anyone from the US whine about how their constitution doesn't allow exceptions; the Bush regime very happily bypasses it altogether without rising too many eyebrows; after all, it's just a goddamned piece of paper).

In case anyone still has any ideas, if Stephen Harper get elected here, you can expect Canada to join the ranks of the global dictatorship movement. If Harper would use the clause to infringe on homosexuals' rights, then he will gladly use it to please his neocon overlords. All that would be needed would be a convenient 'terrorist' attack. We know what's happening in the US, as well as Australia under John Howard and Britain under Blair, two of which have no Bill of Rights and the other where it's altogether ignored, where amongst other things mass surveillance and wiretaps, even against the law, are rampant.

After all, we're talking about a dormant neoconservative movement that has been attacking the Charter of Rights:

Two of their students, Ted Morton and Rainer Knopff, went to the University of Calgary where they specialize in attacking the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They claim the charter is the result of a conspiracy foisted on the Canadian people by "special interests." These nasty people are feminists, gays and lesbians, the poor, prisoners and refugee-rights groups who are advancing their own interests through the courts at the expense of the general public, these Straussians allege.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party, notorious for its corruption, and having just emerged from a series of scandals, is promising to abolish the Notwithstanding Clause to prevent Harper from using it. It shows how desperate they are to stay in power, if they are willing to go as far as sacrifice Parliamentary powers. But then, given the litany of lies that came from Martin and his ilk, no one will take them seriously.

I'm fucking tired of both parties selling out my country to foreign interests. Both the leaders of the Liberal and the Conservative Party are members of the Bilderberg group, and both parties have signed treaties that relinquish our national sovereignty bits by bits, like NAFTA by Brian Mulroney and recently, the Deep Integration project.

I really wish Canadians would get around to vote NDP this time. As for me, I will probably vote for the Bloc, just so that I can get the option to pull Quebec out of the country if it heads towards an Orwellian hellhole like the other countries. As for the English speakers, there's always New Zealand.

Monday, January 09, 2006

An (ahem) 'preview' of Windows Vista.

Bill Gates presents the 'groundbreaking' features of his upcoming operating system:


Thanks to Duo for sending me this. BW, visit his Mac forum:

Friday, January 06, 2006

My new Powerbook

Just wanted to post that I just LOVE my new Mac! Here's a screenshot:

Note that this is an actual screensaver running in the background, not a still image. It's called Marine Aquarium 2, and the software that enables this little trick, BackLight, can be downloaded here.